Buy a Coupon
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Give the Gift of Carefree Kilometres

Surprise your e-car family member, friend, or colleague with gift kilometres with a Mobiliti prepaid coupon. Or think for yourself and plan ahead.

Buy at discount. Now the optional amount notes are worth more.

You can find more information about the amounts and discounts in the application.

What Makes the Coupon a Great Gift:

  • environmentally friendly,
  • easy to buy
  • no problem with packaging,
  • is of real value,
  • can be transferred at any time, even without an appointment.

What Mobiliti Offers:

  • easy balance top-up and coupon activation,
  • nationwide charging coverage with 1,500 charging points,
  • market-leading e-mobility service,
  • the balance can also be used abroad.


The Process:


Detailed description



In the “Store” menu of the Mobiliti application, under “Prepaid purchase”, select the amount of coupon you want to buy from the options.
If you are buying a gift, enter the e-mail address of the person you want to buy the coupon for.
Make purchases and payments in the application.

The details of the purchase, the expiration date and the coupon code* will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address you have provided.
If you have purchased for your own account, the prepaid balance will automatically appear in your account.
If purchased as a gift, you can use the code to upload the coupon to the application.
*Use of the code is only required for the balance received as a gift.

All you have to do is enjoy a carefree journey.

When necessary, top up your car using your prepaid balance.
Once the coupon has been topped up, the charging fee will be automatically deducted from your balance until it is maxed out. Then it will be charged to the credit card you have provided.
(The expiration date of each prepaid coupon can be checked at any time in the application.)

We wish you a good journey full of experiences.



How long does the period to use the topped-up funds last and from what date does the system calculate it?

Coupons purchased in 2022 can be used until the end of 2022. Coupons sent as a gift can only be used up to this date too, regardless of the date of sending and activating. Unused coupons purchased in 2022 will also expire on 31.12.2022.


Where and on what interface can I check my balance?

The current balance and expiry date can be checked in the Mobiliti app Profile / Coupons menu. You can also see the balance before the top-up starts and in the e-mail you receive after it as well.


When will the invoice be issued for the balance that has been topped up?

An e-mail receipt and invoice are generated immediately after the purchase.


During the promotion period, will the invoice you receive show the amount you actually bought for, or the “promotional”, increased top-up amount?

The invoice shows the amount the customer actually has to pay, i.e., the purchase price. The additional amount is shown at the time of use.


What item is displayed for the amount topped-up in the invoice?

All Prepaid purchases are invoiced separately. For more information on charging with Prepaid, please see the OSZF and here:


Can the created coupons be activated in Mobiliti accounts without address and credit card details?

They can be activated, but it is not possible to start a charging without entering an invoicing address and credit card details.


If the previously registered credit card is deleted from the account after a Prepaid purchase on my own account, can the balance be used?

No, you must set up a credit card to start charging. This is necessary so that if the last charging exceeds the available Prepaid amount, you can still pay the charging fee.


How long can the coupon code sent by e-mail be activated?

It can be activated until the expiry date.


Can the code sent by email only be uploaded to the recipient's account, or can anyone who knows the code activate it in their own account?

It can be activated by anyone who has the code. Once the code has been activated, it cannot be activated again. It is important not to share the code with unauthorised persons.


Is it possible to create several- e.g., HUF 10 000 - coupons in one account, which can be sent to a private e-mail address and later entered, so that the HUF 10 000 top-up balances can be issued to anyone?

Yes. In such cases, coupons should be sent to your own e-mail address. The coupons sent can be activated and used at any Mobiliti account until the expiry date.


Is it possible to cancel an activated code sent to an incorrect e-mail address?

Once a coupon has been sent and activated, it is not possible to cancel an already activated coupon.


If not the e-mail address of the correct recipient (the one you actually want to give the gift to) is entered by mistake, how can the correct recipient receive the coupon code?

After the purchase, the customer will also receive the coupon code, so if there is a mistake in the e-mail address, you can send it to the person you want. But the same code cannot be activated twice.


If I delete an account, what happens to the unused balance in the account?

In this case, the balance topped up in the account will be lost, just as, for example, in the case of a mobile phone package with a top-up card, the amount cannot be refunded after cancellation of the contract.


Is refund possible?