Subcription offers
Utolsó módosítás: 0001.01.01


Tailored to the needs of our users, we will introduce five monthly fee packages from Monday, July 6, which, in line with different charging habits, will allow our customers to charge their e-car at the most favorable rates for them.


Monthly subscriptions for registered customer as of 6th July 2020
  No subscription Mobiliti 10 subscription Mobiliti 20 subscription Mobiliti 30 subscription Mobiliti Night subscription
(for sessions started between 20:00 – 04:00)
Mobiliti Plus subscription
04:00 – 20:00 20:00 – 04:00
Session start fee
Rapid charger
(DC and AC) At least 40 kW
100 HUF/minute 90 HUF/minute 80 HUF/minute 70 HUF/minute 100 HUF/minute 80 HUF/minute
Fast charger (DC) Up to 22 kW 120 HUF/kWh 110 HUF/kWh 95 HUF/kWh 85 HUF/kWh 120 HUF/kWh 95 HUF/kWh
Fast charger (AC) Up to 22 kW 100 HUF/kWh 90 HUF/kWh 80 HUF/kWh 70 HUF/kWh 65 HUF/kWh 80 HUF/kWh 65 HUF/kWh
Subscription fee (gross), 30 days 490 HUF 1 190 HUF 2 990 HUF 1 890 HUF 3 190 HUF
Energy consumption limit in subscription   250 kWh 250 kWh 250 kWh 250 kWh 250 kWh


Essential informations:

  • Subscriptions can be paid for in the Mobiliti application in a simple way.
  • Our offers contain discounted tariffs that are valid for 30 days, and users can subscribe on any day of the month. The subscription is automatically renewed until cancellation.
  • Subscriptions grant customers discounted tariffs up to an amount of 250 kWh energy consumption per month.
  • By choosing the „Mobiliti 30” and „Mobiliti Plus” subscriptions customers use certified Green electricity when charging their electric vehicles.
  • The prices of our subscriptions cannot be used for charging.


If you have any question or need further information about our services please do not hesitate to contact us: