Frequently Asked Questions
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Why is there a larger amount on my invoice than what the app displayed when I stopped charging?

In the case of "remote control" of our chargers via the application, it should be taken into consideration that charging starts and stops via an IT back-end system, which processes start and stop instructions initiated in the mobile application in 3-5 seconds and then it takes a similar amount of time after processing while the start or stop instruction reaches the controller of the corresponding charging station via the mobile data network.

The execution time of starts and stops initiated in a mobile application can be significantly affected by the status and availability of mobile data networks, so when using the application, it is important to keep in mind that charging stations only perform the requested task after processing start or stop messages, which in unfavourable case may differ by more than 10 seconds from the start or stop time in the application.

In practice, this means that the charging time displayed in the application is for information only, the actual charging time is always determined based on the processing of time-stamped messages received from the charging station via a closed-loop IT system. Invoicing is always based on the latter data.


Why does Mobiliti use a time-based component in its pricing?

Combined pricing creates the opportunity to adapt our pricing policy to user habits and needs.

By applying a per-minute charge, we want to encourage our customers to book their charger only for the time they need, so that our charging service is available to others.


Why is my physical customer key (RFID) not working?

The charger and the system may refuse to use a physical customer key (RFID) in the following cases:

  • not activated (must be activated on receipt with the last 6 digits on the back),
  • not enabled from the app,
  • there is no credit card and / or billing address attached to it,
  • existing debt,
  • deleted from account.

You are always notified in a push message via the application about the error and the successful start of charging.


Replacing lost RFID

Lost RFID must be disabled in the app, then deleted. It is possible to request a new RFID for HUF 5,000.


How many physical customer keys (RFID) can I have?

A total of 2 customer keys can be requested through the application for a gross price of HUF 5000. For the first key, the amount paid is automatically added to the customer account balance, which can be used for charging.


How do I get a VAT invoice?

Invoices issued by Mobiliti are always VAT invoices, so it is not necessary to request them separately.


When will I receive the invoice for my charging?

In accordance with the legal regulations, we send out the electronic invoice for the last period's chargings in the morning on the 1st, 8th, 16th and 24th day of each month through the system of számlá



How long is my previously purchased IONITY package plan valid for?

Packages purchased in the Mobiliti application until May 31, 2023 are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase, exclusively on the IONITY charging network!

For example, if the subscription starts on 20/4, at any minute of the day, then it will be valid until 23:59:59 19/4 of the following year. After that, the subscription will not be renewed.

After a successful subscription, the expiration date will also be displayed in the Mobiliti application.

Where can I see information about subscriptions?

We will send a notification about the activation of the subscription to the subscriber's registered e-mail account and display the subscribed IONITY Tariff plan on the PROFILE data sheet in the Mobiliti application.

The detailed data sheet of the IONITY chargers shows the prices corresponding to the subscribed tariff plan.

Can I change or cancel my existing IONITY package?

In case of a successful tariff plan subscription, we no longer have the possibility to modify, cancel or subsequently cancel the selected tariff plan and credit the tariff plan fee.

Due to the one-year subscription, it is not possible to change the successfully subscribed tariff plan, it is not possible to reduce the already subscribed tariff plan to a smaller or switch to bigger.

After the subscription, will the charging fee displays on the Ionity charger data sheet be changed according to the tariff plan?

Yes, in case of a successful subscription, the IONITY charger data sheet shows the fees corresponding to the chosen tariff plan.

Please always check that the appropriate charges appear on the charger data sheets before starting IONITY chargings, if you see incorrect data, please report it to our Customer Service (

Are there any limits on the number of chargings per day or geographical location?

There are no restrictions.

What exactly does it mean that a charging initiated with an IONITY subscription is also considered a roaming charging?

The use of the Hungarian chargers of the IONITY network is always considered as a domestic roaming charging (even in the case of using the Ionity tariff plan), so the tariff applied in Mobiliti's own charging network does not apply to the chargings.

Mobiliti customers can use the chargers of the IONITY network in Hungary without subscribing to the IONITY tariff plan, at the tariff shown on the data sheet on the Mobiliti website and in the Mobiliti application.

Our customers with the IONITY tariff plan can use IONITY's Hungarian and European charging points under the conditions and tariffs valid when subscribing to the tariff plan.

For a detailed description of the Roaming charging, see the Roaming Service page.

If I have a problem charging, who can help me?

In the event of any charging problems, IONITY's own customer service will provide assistance by telephone, which can be found on the charger.